einstein s physics compare contrast paper 7

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June 29, 2020
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June 29, 2020

einstein s physics compare contrast paper 7


Point out how Einstein’s special and general relativity theories impact modern technology.


In a two-page paper, identify the physics principles contained within the following scenario. Explain how these principals connect to Einstein’s theory of relativity or in modern applications in physics. If you use a GPS option on your car or a mobile device, you are using Einstein’s theory of relativity. Finally, provide another example from your own experience, then compare and contrast your scenario to the provided example below.


Mandy took a trip to Rome, Italy. She gazed out over the open ocean 20,000 feet below as her airplane began its descent to her final destination of Rome. It had been a long flight from New York to Rome, but she as she stretched, and her bones creaked as though she was old, she knew that in fact, she was a tiny bit younger than her compatriots back home, thanks to traveling at hundreds of miles per hour. In fact, time for her was running slowly compared to her friends in New York for two reasons: the speed at which she had traveled and the height of the airplane above the Earth. Neither, though, were noticeable.

Not SubmittedNo PassCompetenceProficiencyMastery
Not SubmittedStudent listed physics principals, but they are incomplete.Student listed physics principals, but lacks complete identification or explanation of some basic elements.Student listed physics principals, including identification of a strong majority of elements, but explanation lacks detail.Student listed physics principals including identification of a strong majority of elements, and includes excellent descriptive details.
Not SubmittedStudent provided personal experience, but it is incomplete.Student provided personal experience, but it is significantly underdeveloped.Student provided personal experience, descriptions of scenarios are clear, but they lack analysis.Student provided personal experience; descriptions of scenarios are clear; analysis of provided in detail.


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