January 10, 2020
M1:D7 – Miami Stories
January 10, 2020


You are an data scientist working for Salesforce or Netflix. The project in the case you’ve chosen is being launched. Your manager sends you to a multi-team kickoff meeting with executives leading the project. In the meeting you learn about the project’s objective(s) and context. (Information you will learn, in real life, from the Salesforce/Netflix articles.) After the meeting you write your manager an email describing:

the objective(s) of the project
the context for the objective (why this objective?)
a list of questions you think the data science team needs to answer to make recommendations for the project
The Lynda.com video assigned this week, Learning Data Science: Asking Great Questions, provides good advice and strategies for asking great questions in data science. Please review before you write this email.


Minimum 300 words
Minimum 1 reference with in line citations, as appropriate
Reference list




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