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February 22, 2021
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February 22, 2021

Employment Project

Employment Project

MG 382


  • Immediately after the Networking Event, please compose a thank you letter. It must be formatted as a business letter. You should be thanking someone you met for the experience, the comments they provided to help you, and anything else you want to state. Remember to send this to the person within 1-2 days. A mailed or e-mailed thank you is acceptable. If you e-mail, just copy and paste your letter from Word directly into the e-mail. Do not attach the letter to the e-mail. NOTE: Generally, a handwritten thank-you note would also be appropriate, and if you want to send the actual note to the interviewer this way, then that is fine. However, I need an electronic version submitted in Canvas for your assignment grade.
  • After your interview, prepare a summary of the experience. This should be double spaced and approximately one page. Center ‘Speed Networking Day’ at the top of the page and ‘Your Name’ on the second line. Then, the summary just needs to be in paragraphs – no special style or formatting needed. I expect you to write about the following items:

Level of ease while waiting to go in and during interview

Questions you answered well and questions you struggled with

Comments the interviewer made on the evaluation sheet to you – both positive and negative. Also, provide your actual score out of the points possible (this does not count in your 80 points for this part of the assignment – it’s just for my reference).

How the mock interview will help you in the future

Anything else you want to discuss about the experiences

thank you letter is base on the photo.

i already finish resume and cover letter. these file only for help . let me know if you have any questions. thank you .


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