english rough draft essay comparing two graphic novel authors

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June 7, 2021
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June 7, 2021
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english rough draft essay comparing two graphic novel authors

For this rough draft, I am comparing the two authors from these attached graphic novels and stating which author between the two crafted a more effective argument and why. I attached the guideline rubric needed for this essay.

So far for this essay, I have chosen Stephen Tabachnick as a more persuasive author. (a comic book world).

I don’t have a concrete thesis yet, but I am supposed to incorporate T-GAP into it (attached as well).

This. is what was due last week for our introduction paragraph which I also attached below titled “Imaginative Interactivity”. Below is the 5 guidelines needed for that intro and below that are my teachers comments on mine.

  1. Your document must be properly MLA formatted and should include a word count as the 5th line in the heading. (Only include the main text of your paper in this word count (do not include the heading or title in this number.).
  2. Your document must include a working title.
  3. Your document must include an introduction paragraph which begins with a general hook, introduces the two articles you will discuss, provides an overview of T-GAP for both articles, and then ends with a thesis.
  4. Your document must inlcude a thesis statement that answers the key question of Guidelines for Essay #1 clearly and specifically. This thesis should be last sentence of your introduction, and it should be highlighted yellow.
  5. Your document must include 4-6 bullet points which indicate which rhetorical strategy or device you will compare for that paragraph. Ideally, you can craft a topic sentence for each of these bullet points.

Here is some feedback on your outline: 1) Avoid extra spaces between word count and title. 2) Work on a title that clearly reveals both the topic and the task you will be performing. 3) Work on your opener. Right now, you are committing either-or fallacy, implying everyone can only fit into one category or the other. 4) Avoid 1st person (using the pronoun “I”) in this essay. 5) In your introduction, in addition to claims, don’t forget to address T-GAP for each article (tone, genre, audience, and purpose). 6) For your thesis and body paragraphs, you need 4-6 comparison points (4-6 body paragraphs). Right now, you only have 3. 7) For Paragraph 3, “examples” is not one of the appeals or strategies listed on the guidelines that you learned about in this unit. Also, the topic of Paragraph 2 should be literary devices, and imagery would simply be one kind.

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