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entd321 assignment 8 research essay rework

The purpose of this assignment is to explore further topics in object oriented concepts and UML modeling. You will create a short essay on one of the topics listed.

Prepare a 3 page (excluding title, abstract, and reference pages) essay using APA formatting techniques on one of the following topics:

  • Using CASE tools for application development
  • History of UML (standardized by OMG)
  • Future directions for UML and object technology
  • Unified Process
  • Agile Development


1. Create an essay on one of the above topics in a 4-6 page (excluding title, abstract, and reference pages) essay in a Word file following APA format.

2. Include your name and course as part of the word file.


1. When you submit your Word file, use your name as part of the file name, e.g., ENTD321Assignment8_FirstNameLastName

Your assignment will be graded with the following rubric:

Rubric for Assignments


Content & Development 50%


Organization 20%


Format 10%


Grammar, Punctuation, & Spelling 15%


Readability & Style 5%


Timeliness (late deduction 10 points) Optional



Please No Plagiarism

Please use APA formatting and in text cititation

This is a reassigned paper the previous Tutor Plagiarized the entire Paper


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