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September 9, 2021
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September 9, 2021
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Essay 2 outline & peer review


Once you finish your outline, submit your assignment in this discussion post. As mentioned on the previous page, you can create your own outline, keeping the goals for the problem section and solution sections in mind, or type into the “outline template,”  it, and submit it for this assignment. Make sure that your outline includes your works cited page, which will assist your peers in evaluating the quality of your sources. Also, make sure that your peers can access your document; to do so, make sure that you either copy and paste your full outline into the discussion post, link in a PDF document, or provide a link to a Google Doc (if you include a link to a Google Doc, make sure that the settings allow anyone to view that document). 

When you submit your outline, provide reviewers with a brief overview of what your essay is about and let them know any particular points in your outline you want feedback on or need more ideas for. For example, you may point out that you need feedback on your thesis and/or that you need some ideas for additional paragraph topics, additional quotes from the book, or further research ideas.  

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