Theoretical Framework for Advanced Practice Nursing
February 28, 2021
The initial post should have a minimum of four paragraphs . Each post should be supported by two references from journals no older than 5 years. Please I need references.
February 28, 2021

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Papers are due at the beginning of your class period.
Please have papers submitted to live text and bring a hard copy to class.
No late papers are accepted. Late papers will receive a 0
Please write in complete sentences, appropriate grammar, 12 point font, double space using APA style. Please reference all sources using APA (minimum 3 peer reviewed and/or shcolarly).
1 reference from the iBook
Paper should be 4-5 pages
Question for Consideration and Topic Exploration:
Read Chapter 1 on Conflict Theory and Feminist theory in the iBook.
Please use this theory to respond to the following prompts.
Par 1 introduction and thesis statement
Par 2-3 Give a brief description of either conflict or Feminist theory and identify one theorist discussed in this chapter who is credited with developing this theory. (2-3 paragraphs and cite source).
Par 4 provide one example of how you see this theory operating in the case study in ch. 9 of the iBook.
Par 5 Provide one example that reflects how you see this theory operating in your everyday life.
Using either the example from the case study in your iBook (ch 9) and/or your personal example please respond to the following prompts in at least 1 paragraph or more.
Par 6 Please include a discussion of how you see conflict creating/ or not creating social change. Can you give an example of the social change?
Par 7 Please include a discussion (from either of the 2 examples in your paper) of the relationship between inequality and power and available resources. In other words, do more resources increase influence, privilege, status, etc.? Please give an example of this.
Par 8 Based on your examples in your paper, give an example of how some individuals demonstrate resilience despite having difficult environments. Give one example.
Par 9 Conclusion
You need to cite 3 peer reviewed sources using APA style. There needs to be 1 in text quote (cited using APA) and 2 in text citations paraphrasing the author’s words (with proper APA citation)
Reference page:
2 articles from peer reviewed or scholarly journals
1 reference from the I Book
(3 sources)
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