module 2 abnormal psych discussion
September 4, 2021
Calculate Cronbach's alpha on the scale provided on pp. 710-711 of the Field text using the SAQ (item 3 reversed).sav…
September 4, 2021
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Every student will be required to write a Research paper on one of the following topics: 1) factors affecting partner selection OR 2. Factors affecting singleness OR 3. Factors affecting cohabitation OR 4. Factors affecting divorce. The minimum word count for the paper must exceed 1500 words. The term paper must possess a minimum of five credible sources (example: Wikipedia is NOT considered a credible source), typed, and double spaced. I also require a minimum of 50% original content (content not cited) in your term paper. I want good credible sources from academic journals, psychology journals, articles, text books, etc., as well as your own original thoughts, positions, and conclusions about what is written in those journals.



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