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July 21, 2021
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July 21, 2021
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Ethics : 500 words | Marketing homework help

Imagine you are an executive for the Hard Rock Cafe. An executive from Planet Hollywood offers to sell to Hard Rock Cafe the Planet Hollywood confidential marketing plan for $25 million.The information in the Planet Hollywood marketing plan could be used to increase the sales next year of Hard Rock Cafe by 200 million dollars. Next year you would receive a 10 million dollar bonus.

What is the ethical dilemma? What are the alternatives or courses of action you can take?  What would you do? 

Classify the purchase of the marketing plan as one of the following:

Legal, but unethical

Legal, and ethical

Illegal, and unethical

Illegal, but ethical.

Supporting Your Point of View

You should mention the relevant Ethical Principles listed below to support your point of view.

Moral Idealism


Personal benefit: acknowledge the extent to which an action produces beneficial consequences for the individual in question.

Social benefit: acknowledge the extent to which an action produces beneficial consequences for society.

Principle of benevolence: help those in need.

Principle of paternalism: assist others in pursuing their best interests when they cannot do so themselves.

Principle of harm: do not harm others.

Principle of honesty: do not deceive others.

Principle of lawfulness: do not violate the law.

Principle of autonomy: acknowledge a person’s freedom over his/her actions or physical body.

Principle of justice: acknowledge a person’s right to due process, fair compensation for harm done, and fair distribution of benefits.

Rights: acknowledge a person’s rights to life, information, privacy, free expression, and safety.

Recall the Hard Rock Cafe Values:

1. Innovate and create at every opportunity. 

2. Encourage our employees to maximize their potential. 

3. Love all – Serve all:  treat every individual with respect. 

4. Deliver exceptional quality. Exceed expectations. 

5. Ensure the long term growth and success of our organization. 

6. Save the Planet: actively participate in the well being of our planet and it’s people. 

7. Practice honesty, integrity and professionalism. 

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