familiarize you with various vals lifestyle profiles

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October 18, 2020
You are an intern in a CPA firm. Your manager walks into your cubicle and says, quot;One of our clients is thinking about investing in a company.
October 18, 2020

familiarize you with various vals lifestyle profiles

Lifestyle Segmentation

Objective: This assignment is to familiarize you with various VALS lifestyle profiles, including your profile, which is a powerful psychographic segmentation tool, and demonstrate the relationship of segment profiles to product/service and communication strategy.

Go to the web site of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI): http://www.strategicbusinessinsights.com/vals/ (Links to an external site.)

First, read the description of various lifestyle profiles.

Click on Vals Survey on the main page and then “Take the survey” link. Complete the survey (Note: For income question, select an anticipated figure after graduation.)
Examine your primary and secondary lifestyle profiles in detail, and copy and paste them onto your write-up page.
Requirements: (1) Choose a specific product category such as hotels (budget, upscale, or luxury, hotel-casino, etc), or restaurant (casual, family, or theme, etc); (2) Discuss what type of products/services and benefits the hospitality companies in the category of your choice should offer to appeal to your customer profile; and (3) Include a discussion of your communication strategy and type of messages/slogans you would use in your advertising to target your customer profile more effectively. Your write-up should be at least 1.5 pages (single-spaced and 12 pts font size). Please note that the 1-page length requirement excludes the descriptions of your primary and secondary profiles.


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