FIN320-Macroeconomics& Industry Analysis,Equity Valuation

Assignment 3: opioid crisis epidemicProblem: Includes the significance, background, and a problem statement. Problem Statement using PICOT: The problem statement identifies the specific gap in the kno
October 18, 2020
) The tree is a common global symbol. Academics call this axis mundi, or core of the world. Describe the attributes of the tree that make it an…
October 18, 2020

FIN320-Macroeconomics& Industry Analysis,Equity Valuation

From the e-Activity, examine each industry’s price-earnings ratio and dividend yield. Determine whether or not the differences make sense in light of their different stages in the industry life cycle. Support your position. (Go to Yahoo! Finance’s Website and review the price/book ratios for Medical Instruments and Supplies ( and for Electric Utilities (

Choose an industry in which you are interested, and predict its performance within the next three years. Provide support for your prediction.

Justify the circumstances which are best suited for the dividend discount model versus the free cashflow model to value a firm. Provide an example of each. Create an argument for using the multistage dividend discount model for equity valuation. Provide support for your argument.

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