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gender race class current events paper

Hello! This is going to be a 3-4 page, double spaced essay, using any article from the website “Ms. Magazine Online” as a student, that has to do with this classes theme. Then, a reading will also be required to be put in, the book is called Race, Class, and Gender in the United States the 10th edition. The options to chose from are Chapter 1 “Racial Formations” by Michael Omi and Howard Winant (pp. 11-20), through Ch. 7 “Transgender Feminism: Queering the Woman Question” by Susan Stryker (pp.71-77). (meaning any chapters between 1-7) Please only use the Ms. Magazine Online, and ONE of the texts above to write this. No outside sources. Please use page numbers and authors last names.

Here are the exact requirements: (also, RCG is the textbook, race class and gender)

CURRENT EVENTS RESPONSE PAPER: As we explore the course themes in depth, you will begin to notice how present issues of gender, race, class and sexuality are in current events – particularly in light of the housing crisis, the country’s recession/depression, the rate at which American’s are losing their jobs, corporate bailouts, violence against women in economic downturns, same sex marriage, U.S. relations with other countries, political elections and many issues pertaining to women’s rights.For this response paper, you will choose a current event article or news story from Ms. Magazine Online that is relevant to a class theme(s). Then, choose one class reading that is relevant to that article or story. Write a response paper in which you: 1) Give a brief explanation of the current event article or news story, highlighting how it relates to the class theme(s); 2) identify the thesis of the class reading that you have chosen and their significance to the class themes; 3) define one key concept from one course reading from RCG or Canvas article (no dictionary definitions); and 4) connect the reading to the article or news story by providing analysis of the particular current event. (3-4 double spaced pages).Underline your key concept and the definition. The key concept/term is usually one word and no more than a few words i.e. gender, oppression, discrimination or internalized racism etc. Remember, you are to use your RCG text in defining your key concept/term. Use in-paper citations with author and page numbers.


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