governance and accountability –

Assignment 3: Literature Review: Five Articles Abstracted onto the Evaluation TableIn Weeks 2–7, you will submit an evaluation table document with five research articles abstracted for your literatu
September 16, 2020
Socioeconomic Status and Health Disparities
September 16, 2020

governance and accountability –

governance and accountability
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essay is that Governance and accountability in emerging democracies:
i. Imagine you are advising and training a newly formed government in an emerging democracy. Traditionally, government has been run via a network of patron-client relationships. Critically assess the challenges you would face in assisting this government to improve accountability and transparency.
ii. What series of steps would be required in assisting a government (both politicians and public servants) in an emerging democracy to transition from a largely opaque, hierarchical governance system to a more transparent and accountable system?


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