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September 4, 2021
September 4, 2021
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Groupthink experience

Due tomorrow by 10:00 PM please no exceptions!!


To prepare for this assignment:


•Review the article, “Assessing Political Group Dynamics,” focusing on the introduction and the discussion.


•Review the examples of groupthink available through the “What Is Groupthink?” Web link and think about the examples given and remedies suggested.


•Think of an example of groupthink from your own experience or from a situation with which you are familiar.


•With your example in mind, consider the decision the group was trying to make.


•Reflecting on your example, recall the group leader and the group members and how their behavior contributed to groupthink.


•Think about the final outcome of the decision.


•Reflect on symptoms of groupthink that were present.


•Consider how groupthink could have been avoided in this situation.


With these thoughts in mind in a 1-2 pg  written assignment post an example of groupthink from your own experience. Describe the decision the group was trying to make and explain how the behavior(s) of the group leader and group members contributed to groupthink. Explain the outcome of groupthink and how it might have been avoided. Be specific.




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Article: Tetlock, P.E., Peterson, R. S., McGuire, C., Chang, S., & Field, P. (1992). Assessing political group dynamics: A test of the groupthink model. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 63(3), 403–425.


Article: What Is Groupthink? (n.d.). Retrieved September 15, 2010 from overview.htm












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