Guest Service in the Hospitality Industry

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February 22, 2021
Managing Concepts PowerPoint
February 22, 2021

Guest Service in the Hospitality Industry

please answer questions 1-9 and paraphrase and cite the source

1.What are some of the issues with FOH and BOH? How would you mitigate risks here?

2.List three problems or issues common to the front desk and briefly detail a solution for each.

3.Explain the different meal plans common to hotels

4.Identify and describe common guest service issues and provide solutions for resolving them

5.Compare and contrast the differences between classical dining, American fine dining, and casual dining services.

6.Identify and describe all the major food-service styles

7.Explain and apply the procedures of greeting and seating customers in a full-service restaurant.

8.Define and apply strategy as it applies to a service operation.

9.Outline and apply the three main facets of strategy.

is divided into three parts:

  • Introduction to Service Strategy
  • Analyzing Position and Market
  • Integration: Implementing a Service Strategy

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