Health Information Systems Acquisition and Implementation

CHEM 111
July 12, 2019
Strengths-based leadership is a management approach that not only recognizes an individual’s strengths, but also draws upon these strengths to enhance the dynamics of the workplace
July 12, 2019

Health Information Systems Acquisition and Implementation

Health Information Systems Acquisition and Implementation

Create a workflow diagram of data within an electronic medical record system. Make sure to explain the role of all important data points.

SLP Assignment Expectations

  1. Your references and citations should be consistent with a particular formatting style such as APA.
  2. Provide references from at least 2 scholarly articles.
  3. Your response should be based on reliable and scholarly material, such as peer-reviewed articles, white papers, technical papers, etc. Do not include information from non-scholarly materials such as wikis, encyclopedias, or (or similar websites).
  4. Your response should incorporate the outcomes of the module with the requirements of this assignment.
  5. Your workflow diagram must be a visual or graphical representation of the interaction of processes and/or how information (data) flows through an electronic medical record system for the same health care organization discussed in Modules 1 – 3.
  6. Use the following link for more details and information about workflow diagram:


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