Highlighting the importance of workplace diversity

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July 1, 2020
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July 1, 2020

Highlighting the importance of workplace diversity

Scenario Information

Your company has been nominated for a national diversity award associated with your efforts and dedication to diversity initiatives in the workplace and their impact on the organization and community. You have been asked to summarize your efforts for the year in a slide presentation for the diversity committee who selects the winner. Be sure to include details of the changes you made in your organization and the impact the changes made.


As part of your nomination, you have been asked to create a PowerPoint slide presentation include the following slides: 8 slides minimum be sure to include notes in the note section it will be presented to a class

Title slide

Highlighting the importance of workplace diversity -2 examples

Discussing the points that were included in your diversity plan- 2 examples

Describing how culture and inclusion impact your organization- 2 examples

Providing examples of how diverse workgroups work together in the workplace- 2 examples

Gives examples of strategies used to incorporate Hofstede’s cultural dimensions in a global workforce-3 examples

Provides best practices for managers associated with managing a diverse, global workforce-3 examples

Conclusion slide that includes a summary of why you should win this award & Provided an overview of best practices for managers using clear examples.

Any additional, relevant information



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