government and the arts abstract expressionism and music 3
September 17, 2020
Why is it important to have more than one strategy in mind when pursuing global expansion
September 17, 2020

history essay 82

**** I attached all lecture notes, they are not all needed but can be used for information on the essay. No outside sources so the website for the book is


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Directions: Choose ONE of the following questions to answer. Answers should be APPROXIMATELY 3-5 pages in length, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Those who do not adhere to these standards will be penalized.

Your essay should incorporate material from Goldfield and the lecture notes, and you must also cite at least one primary source document from Breen. Outside sources are NOT allowed. Don’t simply restate what the materials say; use evidence from them to substantiate your own argument. Once again, do NOT use any outside sources! If you use any source that is not Goldfield, the lecture notes, or Breen, you will NOT receive credit for the exam.

Use in-text, parenthetical citationsin the following manner: (Goldfield, 192), (Breen, 87), (Lecture Notes, September 21). Failure to cite material is plagiarism and will result in a grade of zero.

When to cite: You must provide a citation any time you’re using an idea that isn’t your own. In other words, any time you paraphrase information from a source, any time you use a direct quote, or any time you provide information that isn’t widely known, you need to cite. Failure to provide citations is plagiarism, and will result in a zero on the exam.

Questions(Choose ONE. There are three to choose from, so make sure you scroll to the second page to see all the choices.):

  1. Assess the weaknesses and failings of the Articles of Confederation. What do you think were the most significant weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? Why were the Articles initially created to be so weak?
  1. What was life like in the early colonies (from initial settlement to approximately the mid-1700s)? Be sure to address the different colonial regions. Also consider different segments of the colonial population to craft your answer (i.e., what was life like for indentured servants, for enslaved people, for women, for wealthier colonists, etc.).
  1. In 1763, why were the colonists so proud to be associated with Great Britain? What do you think was the most significant factor that caused the colonists to turn away from Britain? Why?

Total for exam: 130 points


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