hum 5100 week 5 discussion 1 cultural contexts
August 2, 2020
the evaluation on binary political ideologies and partisan identities as the most critical threats to us national security using the congressional record and taking a sample of a previous time period and comparing it to today to assess polarization or
August 2, 2020

i need a paper in 48 hours

Key Assignment Draft

Write a paper of 1,500 words that responds to the following:

  • Discuss how Web 2.0 and social media have altered the way in which entrepreneurial and small businesses do the following:
    • Engage their existing customers
    • Attract new customers
    • Listen to employee and customer feedback
    • Respond to crises
  • Provide current examples.
  • Apply Kirton’s adaptation-innovation theory to discuss how a newer entrepreneurial venture might differ from a more mature, intrapreneurial venture in its approach to social media.
  • Need reference page


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