i need somebody to edit my work its really short

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June 23, 2021
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June 23, 2021
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i need somebody to edit my work its really short

Make sure my writing is good. You have basically 45 mins.

Have you ever read two literary works that seemed related in some way? And if you answered yes, think, did both of the authors write from the same background & experiences? There are many stories out there where authors tend to imitate other authors work that inspired them in some way. I am going to elaborate in this paper about two stories that expresses a deep meaning and sensation of the love. The two stories are the Decameron written by Giovanni Boccaccio and the other imitated work that was influence by the Decameron called Heptameron produced by Margaret of Valois. I am going to elaborate how both pieces are related and unrelated in love, virtue, and the meaning of women.

First, both concepts express the essence of love and how it could be used harmfully. Ideally, the two works expresses how love is cycle by abuse, rape, control, infidelity, and among others. Boccaccio interpterion of love is that its deep and cannot be denied, it transforms a person towards an extent, and can be inflicted to hurt others as well. Despite this, Valois defines true love that can keep a woman to retain her virtue and know what she wants for herself. Next, in pertaining to virtue, Boccaccio believes that women are more sinful in nature than men, he believes women should model: prudence, temperance, justice, and courage. Whereas, Margaret defines virtue as a woman who have some form of purity within herself. Lastly, in the meaning of women- in the Decameron it expresses that women symbolizes as faith, hope, and charity; however, Boccaccio believes that women should have more respect for themselves and place themselves of the high pedestal of his definition of virtue. On the other hand, in the Heptameron, women are treated as subhuman, and women tend not to speak out about their obstacles for they let the men and their husband do whatever they want to them.

In conclusion, both pieces elaborate on the vital of love from their time period which I find correlates to today time period as well. Together, they emphasis how love inflicts pain or causes evil to an individual. Also, it conveys how women are hindered or advance in some way to get what they want. In conclusion, both authors wanted us to get an idea of how love cannot be denied and how it is used positively or negatively in our everyday living.


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