Post your explanations of the following:What kinds of research questions lead to a qualitative approach? If you chose to conduct quantitative research in your Week 4 proposal, how might you reframe t
February 28, 2021
Assignment: Paraphrasing and QuotingIn this module, you discovered that adhering to standards of academic integrity has value for you personally and professionally as a special education scholar-pract
February 28, 2021


Imperial China

Using the von Sivers text and your class notes, compare and contrast the principles of Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. Define each philosophy and explain its origin. Why did the first empire adopt Legalism as its guiding philosophy? Why did the Han adopt Confucianism? Identify and explain three significant contributions of the Han dynasty.

The initial response is due Friday by midnight. Initial response must be at least 250 words and contain references to the von Sivers text. Provide complete citations for each source at the end of the initial response. At least two peer responses are due by Sunday (midnight).

(Links to an external site.)

Please review the film, The Immortal Emperor (Links to an external site.), from the BBC

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