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February 1, 2021
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February 1, 2021

In class problem 2

I need in 12 hours

The problem for today in class is to implement the procedure for determining the number of theoretical stages in a distiallation column, the McCabe-Thiele method for the ethanol water system. Use the EtOH-Water equilibrium data that I previously sent you and plot that together with a plot of y=x, the operating line. Then generate a series of x-y point pairs and put them into your Excel spreadsheet so that they can be plotted onthe same graph. Your procedure should be able to start at any composition for the top of the column and then move horizontally to the equilibrium line, then down to the operating line and then horizontally to the equilibrium line until the final composition at the bottom of the column is less than 5% EtOH.


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