Assume Sparkle Co. expects to sell 150 units next month. The unit sales price is $80, unit variable cost is $45, and the fixed costs per month are…
October 18, 2020
What is your position on water rights?
October 18, 2020

information management systems 1


Management Project is a short or long-term activity with a stated beginning and end time. Projects requires several organized activities with defined scope and resources. As a group, conceive an information technology project idea. The project idea may be to either fix an existing process in order to improve efficiency and effective or a brand new idea to help launch a new product or service.

1. Describe the project.

2. Develop the project idea based on the following steps:

A. Initiating B. Planning C. Executing D. Monitoring and Controlling E. Closing

3. Identify possible issues/challenges you may encounter. How would you overcome the challenges? Specific Instructions:

Need of 1000 words.


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