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February 1, 2021
NR 507 Weekly Quizzes Week 1 – 7 (Version No. 2)
February 1, 2021

Information Systems Career

(***Read the PPT below firstly***)

How is information systems transforming business, and what kind of career opportunities exist in this relatively new field?

Also, do a search on the internet and find another site that discusses Information Systems career (you must discuss at least one career) opportunity and comments on your findings and thoughts about this career field.

In order to receive credit for the assignment, you must use complete sentences, grammar, punctuations, and insert your website of career opportunity. When I click on the link, it should take me to that site. Please do not give me just 4 or 5 sentences about your finding or thoughts. If so, you will not receive credit for this assignment, you will receive a 0 (zero). You need to submit at least 2 paragraphs. We are college students! Please give me 2 headings: PowerPoint Presentation and Link


Sentence Structure: Use complete sentences, grammar, complete spell check and punctuation

Pargraphy requirements: at least 2

Link: Include the website where you found the information (-40 points if missing) wikipedia is not a source

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