models for competitive dynamics 6
March 3, 2021
DUE TONIGHT- IN 6 HOURS.!!!! Familiarize yourself with Psychoanalysis and the Neo-Freudians with Module 5’s objectives, introduction, video, and articles. Use the articles in Module 5 as your primary
March 3, 2021

International HR Compensation

Based on your research on South Korea, please provide responses to the following items. Include your references.

– Base salary for a manager in the selected country and the US

– Foreign service inducements

•Mobility premium

•Hardship premium

– Allowances

•Cost of living allowance

•Exchange rate protection

•Housing allowance

•Home leave allowance or rest, relaxation and rehabilitation allowance

•Family-related allowances such as spousal assistance

•Education for family

– Benefits – Pension plans, medical coverage, social security – US & local


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