September 9, 2021
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September 9, 2021
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INTL101 Week 7

Reading 1.W7D1 Baldwin ReadingPlease read the following chapters: “Autobiographical notes,” and “Notes of a Native Son” (yes, the chapter has the same name as the book).Reading 2.W7D2 Angela Davis ReadingPlease read chapter 3, pp. 115-146.Reading Review Questions:Please provide 3 sentence responses for EACH of the questions below. (Both readings will answer the following questions) Students must respond to BOTH of the readings that will be discussed in this section. Documents must be submitted as .doc or .docx (Microsoft word) files.1. Who is the author, or, if different from the author, who is the historical figure examined in the reading?2. What are the key challenges or struggles the author or the historical figure faced?3. Whom do you think was the audience for the biography?For these two readings. Please write the answers to the two readings in one file, you should separate their answers, not write them together . Please mark the corresponding question numbers in each reading


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