introduction parragraph of problem solution eassay 1

FRANK HOPKINS PLEASE ASSIST Effects of Social Media on your relationship and communication with others
October 18, 2020
categorical variable multiple regression data analysis
October 18, 2020

introduction parragraph of problem solution eassay 1

Write a Introduction paragrahp (250 words) about a Problem-Solution issue in the actual world

Theme: Mass Shooting. Bullying, homelessness…etc


•Any solution must address the causes of a problem. Therefore, analyzing a problem to discover all possible causes is essential to developing a good solution.

•To understand the full complexities of the problem, respond to the following questions:

1.What are the most troubling or alarming images associated with the problem?

2.What are the causes of the problem?

3. What are its short-term effects? Long-term effects?

4. What other situations (events, attitudes) does this problem resemble?


Persuading the reader about the nature or degree of the problem- using claims of fact and claims of value to show its causes and effects


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