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April 9, 2021
geology assignment help about quot quakes quot
April 9, 2021

it s sociology

Chapter 12

  • Which offers the best way to describe human sexuality: the four discrete categories of sexual orientation or the Kinsey Scale? Explain why. Which would fit the theoretical perspective of queer theory? Explain why.
  • Compare and contrast the social conflict and structural functional analyses of gender. Which do you agree with most? Explain why.

Chapter 14

  • Sociologically discuss one of the variations in family life (single parents, cohabitation, same sex couples or staying single).
    • What factors are causing these trends? Do you expect the variation to become more or less common? Explain why.
    • Do you have any personal experiences that connect with this variation? Is this variation good for society? Explain your position
    • Chapter 15
      • Discuss how the social institution of the religion intersects with other social institutions in our society. In other words, how has religion shaped any other institution such as the family, politics, education, etc. Give examples of the consequences of this intersection from both the macro and micro level.

      Chapter 16

      • Read and/or listen to the NPR story about education and money at this Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
        • What is the main argument of this piece?
        • Is this piece an example of a social conflict or functionalist view of education?
        • What is your personal response to this piece? Do you have any personal experiences that connect with this story?


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