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November 22, 2020
What proportion of observed variation in total service time can be explained by a linear probabilistic relationship between total service time and the number of machines serviced?
November 22, 2020

kaplan wiley plus

After graduating from dental school two years ago, Dr. Lauren Farish purchased the dental practice of a long-time dentist who was retiring. In January of this year she had to replace the out-dated autoclave equipment she inherited from the previous dentist. Now as she is preparing her budget for next year, she is concerned about understanding how her cost for sterilizing her dental instruments has changed. She has gathered the following information from her records: Month Number of instruments used Total autoclave cost
Jan 696                 $7,456
 February 596       6,512
 March 796                7,028
April 996              9064
 May 896              7748
June 1096            8,670
July 1,296              10,183
August 1,196         9876
What is the variable cost of sterilizing an instrument using the new equipment?
What is the fixed cost of the autoclave equipment?
What is the cost formula that Dr. Farish should use for estimating autoclave sterilization costs for next year’s budget?
 If Dr. Farish estimates she will use 1243 instruments next month, what cost should she include in her budget for instrument sterilization?The post kaplan wiley plus first appeared on Blackboard Masters.


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