The Role of Risk Factors in the Outcome Measures in patients Diagnosed with COVID-19. Analyzing Published Research
January 13, 2021
January 13, 2021

Keys to Effective Collaboration

Group A:

1.    Gail is the meeting organizer and the group lead on the project. She is very detail oriented as well as focused and communicates ideas clearly and checks for the groups understanding.

2.    Larry is the least attentive of the group during group discussion, and less vocal. He is primarily focused on just getting the project completed.

3.    Robert is very opinionated and frequently pushes back against others suggestions. He tends to take over conversations and points his finger repeatedly at the group when making a point.

4.    Melissa is quiet, shy, and has amazing ideas but looks uncomfortable in a group setting and rarely shares these ideas.

Using what you know about who the people are in group A, Write a 825 -word summary of recommendations to your manager who would like to know your thoughts on the following:
    Identify the potential challenges around collaboration group A might experience.
    Describe collaborative skills you would use to create a more positive atmosphere.
    Explain what would comprise effective communication for group A.
    Cite all references using APA format.


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