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July 5, 2020
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July 5, 2020

lcl and angle of sun

Ta= __77________ Td = __61______ R.H. = ___65%_____% All From NOAA

If the temperature of the air is 5°F warmer around this area than 7,125 ft above the L.C.L., is the air stable or unstable? _____________

7,125 above L.C.L. ______°F ______°C Ice or water __________


If the temperature of the air is 7°F colder around this area, than at the L.C.L., is the air stable

or unstable at the L.C.L.? _________________

L.C.L. __________ Ft. ______°F ______°C Ice or water __________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Ta = ___77___°F ______°C Td=___61___°F ______°C R.H.= ___65%___%

_______________________________________________________________ Ground

________° 1. above horizon you will find the sun at noon today May 11 at 42° N

________ 2. Capacity of saturation mixing ratio of air at today’s Ground Temperature

P. 251 Lab Book.

________ 3. Specific Humidity or mixing ratio of today’s air at ground.

________% 4. Relative Humidity Temp. dry bulb= 16°C Temp. wet bulb =10°

________°C 5. Dew Point Temperature – same C temperatures as above

________°F 6. Convert the above C dew point temperature to F


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