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learning and memory

PSY-201: Final Paper Assignment

For our Final Paper Assignment, you will need to write about at least one major theory of development, one major theory of learning, and one major theory of motivation (there is a list of potential options on the next page).  In addition to an introduction and conclusion, your paper should contain two major sections: A TEACH section and an APPLICATION section (worth 10 points each; 20 points total). 

TEACH SECTION:  In the first part of your paper, you will teach me the three theories you selected by discussing the related terms, concepts, and relevant history.  Pretend that I know nothing about the theories, and therefore, you need to teach them to me by fully describing the related terms, concepts, and relevant history.  This can be considered the research part of your paper and will require you to seek out additional sources of information and to cite those sources appropriately.

APPLICATION SECTION:  In the second part of your paper, you must apply the theories you taught me to your own personal experiences.  In short, you should tell me stories that apply the terms and concepts from the theories you selected.  You can apply the information to your own past experience or hypothetical future scenarios.  This can be considered the reflection part of your paper and will require you to produce original examples of the psychological concepts in action.  YOU get to be the case study this time!  How have these theories of development, learning, and motivation affected you as a learner?  How will you actively make changes to how you approach learning (and/or teaching others)?  Tell the story of you, the developing learner, being sure to specifically reference how the theories you selected can help us understand your personal experiences.

Your paper MUST be typed, double-spaced, and contain A MINIMUM of 2,000 words (this equates to roughly eight double-spaced pages).  Your paper will be graded using the following rubric:

(0 to 3 points)
(4 to 6 points)
(7 to 8 points)
(9 to 10 points)

Absence or misunderstanding of terms, concepts, and theories
Minimal use and understanding of terms, concepts, and theories
Moderate use and understanding of terms, concepts, and theories
Complete use and understanding of terms, concepts, and theories

Absence or misunderstanding of how the material can be applied
Minimal understanding of how the material can be applied
Moderate understanding of how the material can be applied
understanding of how the material can be applied

Additionally, you will be graded two points on your basic writing mechanics, structural organization, and clarity of writing.  Altogether, this Final Paper Assignment is worth 22 points (i.e., 22% of your grade).

For the teach section, you should find at least three additional resources (one for each theory) to supplement your understanding (and therefore your teaching) of the theories you select.  Your paper will be submitted through Turn It In which will check it for instances of plagiarism, so PLEASE be sure to cite the source of all unoriginal information that you share.  You can use this Google Doc as a template for APA style. 

Here is a list of the major reasons students lose points on their Final Paper Assignment:
They plagiarize.  They do not cite their sources and therefore pass others ideas off as their own.
They overuse other authors exact words.  Even if cited, its hard for me to assess your understanding of the material if much of your paper is just a copy/pasting of others work.
They did not cover enough content.  Im expecting a MINIMUM of 2,000 words.  Students with perfect scores tend to submit papers that are around 2,500+ words.
They do not successfully teach the terms, concepts, and relevant history from the selected theories.  Theres too much general reflection of ideas without enough connection to the actual material.
They do not successfully apply the terms and concepts to their own experiences.  They simply fail to apply the terms and concepts that were taught in the first part of the paper.
They submit a paper that lacks structure and doesnt flow well.  Theres no formal introduction or conclusion, or the ideas are all over the place and dont follow a connected stream of thought.

I strongly recommend that you follow these steps in writing your paper: 1) Pick your theories, 2) Make an outline, 3) Write the teach section, 4) Write the application section, 5) Write your introduction and conclusion, 6) Proofread and revise, 7) PROOFREAD AND REVISE AGAIN, 8) Submit.

Heres a list of potential theories from each of the three sections:

Bronfenbrenners Bioecological Model, Eriksons Psychosocial Crises, Emotional Intelligence, Brain and Neural Development, Piaget and Vygotskys views
Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, Social Learning, Information Processing (i.e., Memory), Metacognition, Problem Solving
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, Expectancy-Value Theory, Goal Theory, Attribution Theory, Self-Efficacy Theory, Self-Worth Theory, Self-Determination Theory

This Final Paper Assignment is due by the end of the day on Monday, December 21.  You MUST upload either a Microsoft Word .docx or a .pdf file to ensure that the system can process your paper.  If working in Google Docs (or some other word processor), PLEASE be sure to download/save as a .docx or .pdf first.


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