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January 24, 2021
Socioeconomic Factors: Literature Review
January 24, 2021

>Literature homework help

Film:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnaUMNddsi8(Stand and Deliver)

-Film is available for rent for $2.99 on YouTube (Don’t worry, the movie rental fee will be included.)

– Choose one question and answer parts a & b. Copy and paste into your post. Answer the question right under.

-To support your answer include at least one direct reference to a scene in the film (include time stamp in parenthesis after you refer to it) and one direct quote to any of the reading material from this week. (Read: Meek. (1989). ”On creating ganas: a conversation with Jaime Escalante.” )(include author last name and page number in parenthesis next to the quote)

Question 1
a) Why did the students in the beginning of the film lack motivation to learn, and what caused them to change their attitude towards their education? (Give at least two concrete examples from the film).

b) What is ganas? What is the problem with the concept of ganas? Does it only really take ganas?

Question 2

a) How does Stand and Deliver counteract stereotypes about Chicanxs?

b) Choose two characters as examples, What stereotype do they represent? and How do they go against it?

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