m3 4 business solutions using technology paper

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August 2, 2020
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August 2, 2020

m3 4 business solutions using technology paper

Technology has been used intentionally and unintentionally to solve business problems. One example of an intentional benefit of technology to solve the business problem of scarcity of transportation access comes to life with Uber. (Links to an external site.) This company’s initial goal was focused on making transportation accessible to everyone. Some of the unintended consequences that came from achieving this goal have been a reduction in the carbon blueprint generated by gas emissions, increasing mobility of the increasing mobility of the blind and employing a very diverse workforce.

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you will research a modern global company that has used technology to improve a process or solve an identified business problem.

In your Business Solutions Using Technology paper include following:

  1. Describe the company mission, vision, and guiding principles.
  2. Share examples of how this company has used technology to improve a process or solve a business problems.
  3. Analyze the impact of these solutions and describe the cost and benefits of each.

Your final paper should be 2-3 pages not including the cover and reference page.

All submitted work will be formatted to APA (American Psychological Association) standards, with citations and references included.


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