Discuss why nutrition is a central component in health promotion.
January 14, 2020
January 14, 2020


Class Exercise

Search for two of the sources listed below. Write a two-paragraph summary for each source. [10 points]

C. Baldridge and M. L. Swift, Withholding Requests for Disability Accommodation: The Role of Individual Differences and Disability Attributes, Journal of Management (March 2013), pp. 743762;

G. Mosbacher, Wal-Mart Wants You! The Wall Street Journal (February 1, 2013), p. A11;
B. Yerbak and C. V. Jackson, Battling to Get More Vets in the Work Force, Chicago Tribune (October 28, 2012), http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-10-28/business/ct-biz-1028-vets–20121028_1_train-veteransunemployment-rate-war-zone (Links to an external site.);
Veterans Unemployment Drops But Remains High, HR Magazine (February 2013), p. 16.

Consider a situation in which your boss asks for help in fulfilling a new company policy to hire a large number of returning war veterans. After interviewing numerous veterans, and not finding a promising candidate, a candidate who had been on the short list prior to the companys new policy toward war veterans remains on the top of the list. Prepare two letters.  (Each letter must have at least two paragraphs).In the first letter for your boss, outline reasons why the most promising candidate should be overlooked in favor of a less qualified veteran. [10 points]

In the second letter for your boss, outline reasons why the promising candidate should be hired even if it goes against company policy. [10 points]

Discuss which individual should be offered the new job, and what this decision means for their prospects in the job market. Write at least two paragraphs. [10 points]

Additional information:

Please make sure that to number your answers. (I will deduct up to 30 points for answers that are not numbered.).


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