mapping your organization questionnaire

Why might the US government, which funds social security,medicare and unemployment insurance…
June 29, 2020
Phase I: For each of the jobs or groups of jobs, you must first identify a strategy for orienting, t
June 29, 2020

mapping your organization questionnaire


Please help me in answering this questionnaire. I want to know what each feature means (you may give examples to make it clear for me) and what it means if I rate 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 for each one of the features.

The organization is Medical Hospital and the number of employees is 3000. Does this questionnaire may use for a hospital? Is the hospital considers institution or organization???

Please help me to answer this questions related to the questionnaire:

  1. What specific structures or processes in your organization led you to rate it as you did on each of the five features of the new organization? (Please clarify for me each feature in order to help me to answer this question)
  2. What skills and knowledge were most important for you in working effectively in that organization? (propose for me or give examples to answer this question) What skills do you think were most important for the person who was your manager (give examples to help me answering this question)
  3. What advantages and disadvantages could your organization gain from adopting elements of the holacracy model described by Bernstein et. al. (2016)? (see the file and keep in your mind that the organization is a hospital)


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