Marketing study about Infinity model QX80 – Custom Writings

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September 17, 2020
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September 17, 2020

Marketing study about Infinity model QX80 – Custom Writings

Marketing study about Infinity model QX80
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Questionnaire result to help you in writing the assignment
Questionnaire outcomes of 50 persons ( 27 : male & 23 : female)
1- Majority of age above 35 years old
2- Majority of total family members in the sample are 5 and more.
3- Majority Monthly income of this sample more than 35,000 AED.
4- Majority of important factor in choosing car are: Safety & Luxury
5- Majority of preferable feature of Big SUV car: compact and comfort ability
6- Majority of sample don’t know infinity safety features
7- Majority of female in the sample don’t know the product of QX80
8- Majority of sample preferred 5 years warranty and 5 years’ service contract.
9- Majority of sample don’t know infinity model QX80 can be used as an off road and they never seen any roadshow for that.
10- Majority of sample prefer to buy Nissan patrol rather QX80.
11- Majority of sample concern is the purchase demand of QX80 after use (used car market size for QX 80/QX 56 in UAE)
12- Majority of sample are owning non Infinity
A) Executive Summary ( elaborate more
1. Objectives
i. Increase infiniti QX80 market share in UAE for big luxury SUV cars market by implementing market strategy for QX80 with main competitors.
? Supplier who is setting the prices not buyers
? Check attached PDF files for UAE market – BMI & NBD report
2. Problem statement
i. Big luxury SUV market size has potential to grow QX80 market share by utilizing several strength factors available.
ii. Strong demand in buying new cars, car cycle time in UAE around 4 years
3. Methodology
i. FGI “Focus Group Interview”
1. Interview with target customers
2. Secondary Data “Statistics, Studies & others”
3. Questionnaire
4. Overall View:
i. Implementing this case strategy, will increase the market share of QX80.
B) Introduction:
General information about Luxury SUV cars especially Infinity
1. Market Summary
? Market Demographics
UAE Market size for big SUV luxury cars (Range Rover model HSE/Sport, Lexus Model LX570, Cadillac Model: Escalade, Mercedes Model: GL, Lincoln Model: Navigator) ;
Statistics related to QX80 product with competitors in UAE
Pos. Brands Model 2013 (QTY) 2014 (QTY) 2015/September (QTY) Remarks
1 Cadillac Escalade 298 41 474 Drop in 2014 QTY Because of shifting to new shape
2 Lexus LX570 3352 4505 3254
3 Infiniti QX80 452 543 308
4 Range Rover HSE 1573 2909 2944
5 Lincoln Navigator 85 98 61
? Market needs
? Market trends
? Market growth
Brand infinity Background globally, Middle East & specially in UAE
ii. Founded Date
iii. Brand Owner
iv. Availability in the Middle East
v. Market share globally
vi. QX80 or QX56 lunched date
? Please check attached report BMI and more details about infinity
1. Product target ? QX80/big SUV Luxury Car
vii. Features ( check all features for QX80 from Infinity website for UAE)
viii. Infiniti QX80 Position inside infiniti Brand
ix. Lunched date in Middle East
x. Others
2. Introduction about the 4 values “Economic, Functional, emotional & symbolic
Please check web site
? Economic factors affected on willingness to buy “Oil price, GDP, Salaries, others…”
xi. UAE GDP (UAE GDP is increasing which will reflecting positively on buying new cars
xii. Economy: Oil Price (Positive: Oil Price consumption will be affordable for Big SUV cars)
xiii. Economy: Oil Price (Negative: very minor because of UAE GDP relying on Oil around 30%)
xiv. Dubai is hub business city for Middle East especially for corporate companies.
xv. Emotional/ symbolic: UAE culture family members is high & they prefer big Luxury SUV cars
? Symbolic
? Functional – Off road , comfort ability
3. Others…
C) Market Analysis:
1. Porter five forces ( Bargaining power of buyers , Bargaining power of supplier , threat of new entrance and threat of substitute & services and rivalry of existing competition )
? Check below websites:
? (focus on automobile industry)
2. PESTEL (Political , Economic, Social , Technological and Environmental )
? Check website file:///C:/Users/100024397/Downloads/STRATEY-2014-2016-Eng.pdf
3. Internal
i. SWOT for big luxury SUV cars in UAE Markets
1. Strength:
a. Power of the brand
b. Luxury Big SUV car Price
c. Financing
d. After sales support/ Service / warranty/ road assistance
e. Locations / many showrooms in UAE
f. Promotion , collaboration and joint venture with Red Bull and F1
g. Full Safety features
h. Others
2. Weaknesses:
a. Car size Storage/Parking
b. Specialized team for QX80
c. Poor Communication (Not promoting their unique safety features)
d. High chain of command
e. Layout/ Showroom design for Product appealing & display
f. Showroom hospitality – buyer behavior
g. Lack of Social Media presence
h. Others
2- External Analysis
3. Opportunities:
a. Hotel transportation
b. Airport Transportation
c. Rental car corporate
d. Luxuries Limousine services such as Uber and Kareem
e. Social festivals Ex: Dubai Festival shopping, Expo 2020, conferences & expiations
f. Market size
g. UAE family members/Culture ? Car safety, #of members
h. Oil price
i. Salaries / Wages
j. Strategic location : Dubai is a business hub for Middle East region such as Corporate companies
k. Others
4. Threats: “risks if not”
a. Unstable Market dynamics because of political issues in the region
b. Economy recession such as Oil prices
c. Strategic group of competition practices such as warranty , trade in cars , service contract and financial alliances ( Emirates airlines , payment facilities , shopping vouchers etc..)
d. Green energy and pollution
e. New polices for Big SUV cars
3. Overview Market Analysis
i. Statistics related to infiniti brand in UAE Market
1. Market Analysis “Size of the market, gaining or losing”
2. It should be parallel with players in the market, market share & Competitive Advantages
ii. Market Analysis by segmentation:
1. The need of the segment: statistical reports about UAE family ( & )
a. Family members
b. Corporate requirements for transportation
c. Hotels transportation ( # of hotels)
d. Airport Transportation ( # of passengers / first class & Business class)
2. What is the products in the market within the same product segment:
a. QX80
b. LX570
c. Cadillac Escalate
d. Range Rover
e. Mercedes GL
3. Benefit
a. Passengers comfortability
b. Safety feature
c. Manufacturing warranty
d. brand
e. Others
4. User profile
a. Age (mainly above 35)
b. Citizens or Expat
c. In city or traveling
d. Other demographic factors
iii. Competitive Landscape / Analysis
1. Below table is only for highest standard specification in each category in UAE , we need more details about each car:
Points to compare QX80 LX570 Cadillac Escalate Range Rover Mercedes GL
Price 330 450 365 419 425
Service 5 years or to 100K Km 5 years or to 105K Km 3 years or 65K Km 3 years or 45k Km
Warranty 5 years open mileage 5 years open mileage 5 years or 150k Km, first 3 years bumper to bumper & last 2 years Engine & Gear Box only 3 years open mileage
Service contract price included 22,000 AED Included 17,000 AED Included
Test Drive
YES NO (Because of current cars availability) Yes No (Because of current cars availability) Yes
Car Features Two different category Three different category Two different category One only One only
External & Interior Colors availability Limited Limited Limited Available based on customer choice Limited
Appealing & display inside the showroom
Showroom reception Excellent
Excellent BAD BAD Good
Sales Team product awareness
No differentiation between small & big SUV in their brands Excellent Good BAD (Relying on brand & customer knowledge) Overall Good presentation
Car Size
b. CA “Competitive Advantage “below websites”
c. Vision, Mission & Values ? Marketing objectives
i. All of them shall be unique & innovative ideas in order to create efficient strategic marketing.
E) Marketing Mix:
d. Positioning statement that the customers will recognize you according to it (“Ex: king of the desert / Imagination Luxury at desert ”)
e. Tactics “CRM = Customer relation management”
i. Increase Market Share “it could be by penetration or another method”
ii. Increase product durability
iii. Boost customer base
iv. Track cost & value
v. Others
f. Elaborate CRM= Sales, Order, Support & Marketing.
g. Elaborate 4c’s model (Customer, cost, communication & convince)
h. Proposed strategy including the 7 P’s
i. Place (car Retails, Showrooms, more appealing & display for car capabilities ,accessibility)
ii. Promotions (Malls, YAS formula 1, Special offers for schools “Family students”, hotels, festivals, airports, rental car retail, others)
iii. Price (Using different pricing strategy and pricing models to maintain productivity )
iv. People (employees, culture, product awareness )
v. Process (unavailability of fast track services and long chain of command )
vi. Product ( design, technology, packaging, quality, warranty, off road & picnic accessories)
vii. Physical Environment ( smart & comfort)
4. Consumer purchasing behavior ? Black Box Arab Gulf countries customer and trends : focus on internal influences (elaborate more on Value, learning, lifestyle & needs) then Decision-Making Process (elaborate and explain problem solving , purchase , post purchase and evaluation)
5. Purchase/Response
6. Recommendations:
a. Specialized sales team forced for QX80 Product & posting strong marketing messages for QX80
b. Change the display & appealing of QX80 inside the showroom (changing showroom design for QX80
c. Collaborate with their strategic partner (Red bull+Formula 1) by using QX80 for their fleet cars transportation for VIP visitors.
d. Strong market Campaign for Airports, hotels & Government conferences transportation
e. Sponsor Dubai shopping festival/Prize for QX80
f. Display & Promotions with big malls such as Dubai mall, YAS mall & emirates mall
g. Collaborating & providing off road & picnic accessories / there are local companies in UAE
h. Using local social broadcast media for advertising & product awareness about QX80
i. Create QX80 elite Club
j. They have to do same as this web infinity website in terms of pre-owned-, financing , service schedule and ask technician
k. Increase the price by 15% for unique safety features and to position it with prestige Luxury SUV in UAE market


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