January 13, 2020
Information and knowledge management
January 13, 2020

Matt & Nat

Assignment 3: Your Organization (Matt & Nat)
Weight: 50% of your final grade
Length: 5000 words or less

Prepare your assignment in a format that is compatible with Microsoft Office. Do not submit your assignment in PDF or any other format that is not easily edited in Word. If you do, your assignment will be returned unmarked.
When naming your assignment file for submission, be sure to include your last name, the course name, and the assignment number, as in the example below:
General assignment information and requirements are provided on the Assignments: Introduction, Assignments: Marking, and Assignments: Guidelines pages. Pay close attention to the information in the Assignment Rubric.pdf
Use American Psychological Association (APA) style to cite and list sources.
The maximum word count for this assignment is 5000 words.
The word count for Assignment 3 is from the beginning of the Executive Summary up to the end of the Recommendation/Implementation section. It does not include your title page, footnotes, endnotes, appendix, or list of references. It does include any tables, charts, or visual aids that are included in the body of the report.
Note that your assignment will be returned to you unmarked if it is over 5000 words in length.
In the event that you should submit your assignment and it is over the maximum word count and past the end of your contract date, the marker will stop marking at the 5000-word mark.
Note that as you are provided with a comprehensive marking rubric, you will not be able to submit your assignment for review or redo your assignment once it has been marked.

Assignment 3: Your organization that has been approved via Assignment 0.
Review the FAQs (if available) related to Assignment 3.

Assignment 3 revolves around the organization you selected in Assignment 0.
Note that your introduction to the organization will be more important with this assignment as there is a good chance that your marker is not familiar with it.
Use the marking weight of each section as a rough guide to the length of that particular section. For example, if the External Analysis section is worth 15% of the assignment mark, then it should be approximately 15% of the report. In other words, it should be approximately 750 words in length for Assignment 3.
Remember that Assignment 3 is being written for the CEO. Thus, Assignment 3 is not a case study, but a strategic report.
Note that the CEO has asked you to write the report. Do not rely on quotes or copy passages from other sources. You are to provide unique content, analysis, and discussion for each assignment.
Also, remember that as you are writing this report for the CEO of the company, you can assume that the CEO knows and understands all of the course concepts. Do not try to teach the reader or explain any of the course concepts.
You are to write the report from the perspective of today. If you write the report based on a past date, you will receive a mark of ZERO (0%).


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