Maximum merit salary increase in an employee

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February 21, 2021
February 21, 2021

Maximum merit salary increase in an employee

Content Scenario:

You are the manager of the packing department. A memo from headquarters announces that the maximum merit salary increase (i.e., a raise when no promotion is involved), is 6%.

You have a subordinate who, you feel, deserves a bigger raise. A year ago, Sheila Whitfield was promoted into the pre-label division of your packing department. She quickly became proficient in her duties – so much so that now others ask her for advice. You especially like her positive approach to solving problems. She sees obstacles as challenges and more often than not figures out ways to do what needs to be done within the constraints provided. On her own initiative, she started a program to make others in the company aware of the expense of labels and shipping to better control costs. The program has been very successful, and the company has saved money while still using clear, informative labels with adequate packaging. She has excellent working relationships with label suppliers and her counterparts in other companies.

In her most recent performance appraisal, Sheila had 14 out of 21 boxes checked “Exceptional” (the other seven were “Commendable”, the next highest category). Her overall ranking was “Exceptional.” Indeed, the only two suggestions for improvement were minor ones:

Continue to be aggressive, but temper the aggressiveness with diplomacy;
Continue to expand responsibility in current position.
Write an email to Phoebe Buffay, the Salary Compensation Committee chairperson, recommending that an exception to the rules be made so that Sheila can be given an 8% raise.

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