Please submit the entire Program Proposal for Unit 8, including the  Unit 3 and Unit 6 Assignments, for a minimum of 11 pages, utilizing a  minimum of 11 sources.
July 21, 2021
reflection on the queen of trees
July 21, 2021
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Media and strategy. – custom papers

Media and strategy.
Week 2 Assignment–The Nature of News
After studying the assigned reading 21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook: Chapter 65: The Changing Nature of “News” considering the concepts of timeliness, proximity, unusualness, prominence, impact, conflict and human interest, provide a current example of a compelling news story. Answer the following questions or prompts. A) Why is it compelling? Which of the concepts does it exemplify? B) In general, how have these concepts been challenged by the advent of immediacy in news release?


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