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April 3, 2020
Information Security Governance
April 3, 2020

Microservices Architecture


Subject Code and Title MIS603 Microservices Architecture

Assessment Assessment 2 Written Assessment

Individual/Group Individual

Length 2500 words with 10% leeway on either side

Learning Outcomes a) Synthesise research to determine understanding of micro-services and how they contribute to new business processes

b) Collaboratively recommend strategies for transitioning to contemporary computer architectures that maintain efficiencies and address changing business requirements

c) Negotiate change management and highlight benefits to address complex business needs.

d) Reflect on moral and ethical issues in transitioning to new technologies.

Submission Due by 11:55pm (local campus time) Sunday of Module 4.1

Weighting 40%

Total Marks 40 marks


Now that you have reviewed the history of computing and demonstrated an understanding of the

concept of software architecture and the various types of software architecture in Assessment 1, you

are now tasked to examine a case and advise a company in the transition to microservice architecture.


Having read your report on the history of computing and a survey of software architecture, the Chief

Technology Officer of Whiteboard (the ‘Company’) decided to overhaul its technology strategy and

the management of its IT delivery teams to ensure they provide reliable student and learning

management systems to over 600 universities and institutions across the world. Whiteboard is a

leading student and learning management system provider, supporting over 10 million students



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