Scenario: An eight-year-old child was admitted to the hospital with body aches, fatigue, cough and fever. He was diagnosed with a viral infection…
October 12, 2020
Write a chemical equation for {rm HCl}(aq) showing how it is an acid or a base according to the Arrhenius definition. Express your answer as a…
October 12, 2020


Explain why health care cost is so high in the United States. Explain why some health care systems are under
funding? (Not enough taxes, waste and abuse, fraud, the overcharging in the system, technology, research,
overhead money, CEO/President pay checks, etc.)
Continuing with Question #1, provide examples with solid evidence, such as newspapers/research.
Describe what ways the United State could improve their health care budget, such as not use high technology,
only serve those who have health insurance, etc.
Explain why your suggestion may or may not work in the immediate future (within 10 years) but your idea can
work in a future 25 years from now.

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