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October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020

Muscle Reading

Most of the time we end up reading, we may find our minds wandering and unable to focus solidly on the material. Too often, we may find ourselves having read paragraphs of writing and simply not recalling a single thing we’ve read.

This can be the most difficult thing to overcome! When I attended college, there were times when I would have to read pages and pages of text in 2 days between one class session and the next. I focused on headings, introductions, and conclusions, and had to skim a lot of the time, taking as many notes and adding as many little tabs as possible so I could remember and find key main points in the chapter. It was exhausting!

This is why muscle reading is so important – actively reading your textbooks with interaction and reflection so that you can actually learn and retain the data you are reading.

Let’s discuss:

  • What does muscle reading mean?
  • What are the three phases of muscle reading?

no word limit, APA format

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