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Multiple choice:
Complete the following sentences using the given words and phrases.
Find and correct the mistakes

144. This truck can carry about five tons. Yes, It‘s a ……..
A. five-ton truckB. five tons truckC. truck of five tonD. five-tons-truck
187. When I……….home I……….all my friends in Japan.
A. get/ emailB. got/ was emailling
C. got/ emailedD. will get/ email
254. She said he was busy at the moment and asked me to ring later.
A. phoneB. drop inC. comeD. visit
258. She is worse today,…………worse than yesterday.
A. muchB. soC. tooD. very
261. I think he is ill, send him……….a doctor.
A. toB. withC. forD. in
297. My wife never ………. perfume.
A. wearB. applyC. wearsD. applies
305. The decision was postponed, ………. was exactly what he wanted.
A. whoB. whomC. whichD. that
313. Linda phoned to tell me that I……….my wallet in her car.
A. leaveB. had leftC. have leftD. left
314. The facilities of the older hospital……….those of the new hospital, if not better.
A. is as good or better thanB. are as good or better than
C. are as good as better thanD. are as good as
336. When I arrived you were not here. Where………..?
A. have you goneB. have you beenC. are youD. was you
339. When you buy tickets for the concert………., you buy them before the time and day of the concert.
A. in advanceB. seriesC. circleD. chain
343. He’d like to …….. the crossword puzzle in the newspaper every day.
A. fillB. makeC. answerD. do
360. He ran down the beach and …….. into the sea.
A. headedB. sankC. divedD. bathed
363. I have no idea……….
A. what does she wantB. what she want
C. what she wantsD. what did she want
381. There are four girls in my apartment. Two are called Casey and Amber. …….. are Joanne and Lindsey.
A. AnotherB. OthersC. The otherD. The others
410. Glass is made …………. sand and lime.
A. fromB. ofC. byD. with
414. If ever the child……….., the mother would run to it.
A. criesB. will cry C. would cryD. cried
421. Over the next few days, the girls ……….Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum.
A. will visitB. visitedC. are visitingD. visits
422. My car is ……….good condition.
A. inB. atC. onD. with
429. This is …….. the most beautiful place of interest in this country.
A. by farB. a lotC. slightlyD. furthest
437. The police questioned all guests. They……….that one of them was a spy.
A. wonderedB. surprisedC. challengedD. suspected
439. Throw away that old vase. It’s………..
A. value B. valuable C. invaluable D. valueless
444. The chief of police……….work is very important, takes care of the public safety.
A. whoB. whichC. whoseD. whom
449. The existence of many stars in the sky……….us to a suspect that there may be life on another planet.
A. lead B. leading C. have led D. leads
21. My / sweater / be / expensive / than / I / expect.
118. Door / open / so / I / call / police.
176. If / he / be / not / short / he / can / play / basketball.
185. While / I / practice / trumpet / late / last night / neighbor / come / complain.
186. parents / have / borrow / lot / money / when / they / start / business.
201. It / good / ride / bike / than / motorbike.
224. Local residents/ say/ they / be / against / new traffic scheme.
246. They / play / sometimes / volleyball / Saturdays / when / be / school.
264. He/ think/ Chinese/ be/most/ difficult/ language/ world.
285. Friend/ have/ pretty purse/ but/ I/ have/ pretty/ one.
306. I/ never/ forget/ what /you/ tell/ me.
307. friend/ still/ optimistic/ despite/ many/ difficulty/ he/ have/ overcome.
327. There / be / not / any / food / left / fridge. Who / go out / buy / some?
349. You/ feel/ like/ go/ film/ or/ you/ rather/ stay/ home?
352. What/ prevent/you/ come/ earlier?
363. I / can / not / swim. If / I / can / swim / I / go / scuba diving / Terry.
371. I / already / think of / that / before / you / suggest / it / yesterday.
400. What/ happen/ when/ Hannah/ leave/ club?
429. The university/ proud/ their students, many of whom/ earn/ national recognition.
139. Television was very popular in the United States since the fifties.
148. They carry on texting when I am telling them something really importance.
154. This restaurant has very various menu. Everyday there are several delicious dish
to choose from.
164. The teacher checked the answers before the lesson started.
180. How long did they work in that factory?For 3 months.
191. I’m a bit scared because I will see the dentist this afternoon.
200. Don’t forget to set the alarm clock for six o’clock tomorrow morning.
205. It took Michael a long time to find a pair of shoe that fitted him.
209. Firemen rescued several peoples from the top floor of the blazing buildings.
218. Please come round and see our some time – you’re always welcome.
284. This girl who I saw at school yesterday is very beautiful.
302. The water temperature in a spring depends on that of the soil through where the water flows.
313. The streets were white because it snowed the night before.
320. A: Please don’t go! B: Don’t worry! I am going to be back soon.
326. What did he do when the shark attacked?
331. Pupils used not to study IT when I went to school.
334. It is pleasant to wake up and listen to the traffic movement in the street.
335. I prefer the party to be held in a garden, not in a bar where the air is stuffy.
336. Children get a great deal of excitement when Tet come.
342. A music competition is an event what is held every four years.
345. It’s 5 months since I last have talked to her.
347. When was the last time she clean her bedroom?
351. She spoke to him before she went and bought that house.
362. A well-meaning passer-by gave the tourists a wrong direction, and they finished
up at the zoo instead for the museum.
365. Since civilization began, gold is regarded as a symbol of power and wealth.
370. Tina hasn’t finished doing the housework by seven o’clock, so she called Andrea
to tell her she would be late.
377. Though my house was cheaper than Norman, it is bigger and more attractive.
383. Would you mind give these plates a wipe before putting them in the cupboard?
385. You can keep up your shorthand able by taking notes in shorthand during lectures
386. You must remember to take all your belong out of this classroom today.
389.Unless you didn’t give up eating so much meat, you will continue to put on
395. Nha Trang, where is a famous beach in Vietnam, is very crowded in summer.
399. When I grow up, I going playing the guitar in a rock group!
402. Although both of them are trying to get the scholarship, she has the highest grade.
419. Only when they told me about it later did I realize what I had miss.
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