neural control and its contributing to social behavior 2

Your final essay will require you to make use of primary sources and secondary sources to discuss an aspect of the Enlightenment, and the “philosophers” of the age, by exploring a specific idea, concept, term, genre, or personality in the context of the Enlightenment, through two or more example
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neural control and its contributing to social behavior 2

I just did a paper with someone else and it was awfully bad and it has a polgarism.So, I need someone to help me to edit it or if it possible to redo it again and make it perfect as the requirements asked. The paper basically is talking about a control system that influence in human movement .The system that I choice is orbitofrontal cortex.Can someone write how is this system influence in human movement. ( like this system is responsible for face expression) choice any input that orbitofrontal cortex control it . and also include and explore in details the feature of the system like what is the input , output , modulating component and the feedback. and also the annotated diagram has to be shown . I will attach an example of paper that the prof asked us to do it similarly. and I have attached a diagram that the prof help me and clarify for me how would be the paper about my topic.


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