February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021
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niagara falls

Each student must submit a short reflection paper after the Niagara Falls Trip ( the mist boat tour & adventure theatre, and the park). The purpose of the reflection paper is to enhance your experiential learning (learning by doing) by prompting you to critically assess your experiences in relation to your larger educational goals and academic learning. Reflection papers should be typed in your own words and approximately 1-2 pages in length. The paper should include the following components:

1. A short overview/ description of the trip and your expectations beforehand. (Identify main themes)

2. A detailed description of some aspect of the trip or experience that you felt was particularly meaningful for you.

3. A reflective analysis of why this part of the trip was particularly meaningful for you. This might include an assessment of your knowledge and/or attitudes before participating in the trip and how these have changed.

4. An overall assessment of what you have learned by participating in this trip, and how it relates to your current goals while studying abroad and/or future learning goals.

5. A short evaluation of the events/activities. What could be improved/changed? What should stay the same?





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