Non-Verbal Cues or a Product of Trauma

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July 1, 2020
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July 1, 2020

Non-Verbal Cues or a Product of Trauma

How we look, act, and sound can be more important in meeting our communication goals that the actual words
we speak. We can influence others by our nonverbal behavior, and we can even influence ourselves. Have you
ever found yourself feeling more confident on days that you spend more time getting ready, or when you are
wearing a new outfit or cologne/perfume?
We are able to manage our identity and impressions we make on others based on our nonverbal behavior.
Follow this link to read about the different types of nonverbal communication that we study.
Now that you have read about the types of nonverbal communication, think about how others might attempt to
conceal or deceive by using nonverbals. Watch the following Ted Talk about reading nonverbal cues:
Run time: 10:02
Write a 3-4 paragraph discussion answering the following prompt. You will be graded on your ability to write
clearly, cite and apply information presented in the course module, and your responsiveness to 2 peers.
Describe a time when you varied your nonverbal behavior to either fit in, deceive, or manage your identity.
What changed, and how to you think it affected the impression you were trying to

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