February 22, 2021
extra credit assignments
February 22, 2021

NR534 week 2 SR



Yahima & Group,

Part II & Response:  While both of us registered as being team leaders according to the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid our personality types reflected a different perspective on how we both approach team leadership.  The types of personality will be different between most leaders and the same as other leaders.  Defining ones personality helps to determine the rational behind decision making and to understand the way a person acts the way they act (Gunawan, 2016).  These differences and likenesses do not necessarily mean that one personality is more suited to leadership over another but rather there are various approaches to being and effective team leader.  My personality identified that I was a ESTJ meaning I exhibited quite a few differences to your INFJ personality.  While I agree with my test I do sometimes feel that I slip in and out of being introverted and extroverted depending upon the situation thus affecting my specific approach or style of leadership from time to time.  When communicating a message with someone who is an INFJ I would take the approach of fully explaining my message and allowing the INFJ to process and analyze the presented message.  I would also be sensitive the feelings/intuitions expressed by the INFJ personality ensuring that the INFJ was heard and that their opinions on the message being delivered was received and is taken seriously.  This helps to present a message that is clear, validated and well received while giving time to analyze the presented message.  There are many different types of personalities to communicate with as a leader and interacting with all 16 types will inevitably occur through ones career.   The exact personality type with which one is interacting may not always be clear but it is important to foster relationships among one another in order to better understand the personality traits present among ones peers.  

If undertaking the task of determining the reason for recent call outs I would organize a group meeting with all of other leaders facing this situation.  In this scenario it would be the group.  The information would be presented and I would allow the other leaders to express their opinion/feelings and/or present additional data to support the issue at hand.  I would then seek the advice of the group to collectively come up with effective solutions to the issue.  This allows all ideas to be presented and discussed before enacting on a plan of action. 


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