one page essay about the digital divide

The Digital Divide- Is it real?

Links to explore for context (you may find other sources too, please list source at end of response):

Write a 1-page response, in essay form, – single spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font, paper that responds to the following questions:

  • What is the Digital Divide?What places do we see the Digital Divide—in the US, other countries, etc.?
  • Do you see any evidence of the Divide growing or shrinking?
  • Should we allow the Digital Divide to exist or make efforts to dissolve the divide? Why?
  • Do you believe that technology has reached a point that we cannot live without it and it should be accessible to all people around the world?Why, or why not?
  • What technologies or actions by mankind can help shrink the digital divide?
  • What good will come by shrinking the Digital Divide?Could shrinking the Digital Divide be a bad idea?
  • Do you believe the Digital Divide will ever go away?If so, how will this happen?

Do not include a header or your name on your submission. You may include a title.


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