what have you seen as the social impact of substance use abuse addictions in your community
May 26, 2021
apply one of the ethical theories that have been discussed in the course
May 26, 2021
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operation research assignment 1

this is a simple assignment not a complex. dont use any mat problem from the internet it has to be crated. no plagiarism.

please read the whole file carefully and don’t accept the assignment if you cant do it

this is a quick description:

  • Find a real problem that a local company is facing or maybe that the school is facing, and formulate the problem and attempt to find the optimal solution. You may add the reference form where you get the problem definition.
  • Make sure the problem isn’t too complex since you’re short on time, but not too simple where it didn’t look like you pushed yourself.
  • Writhe the generic formulation with defining your indices, variables, contraints, Objective function, parameters (collect data), and solve the problem using at leat one method.
  • If you use the simplex method, primal and dual, etc., attache your work.
  • If you use the software, attach the Lindo or Excell reports.
  • Perform at least three changes and use the Sensitivity Analysis to show the decision.
  • Be clear and give clear explanations for your answers. Your grade will depend on the clarity of your answers.

Problem Example

A quick example could be that your school may have different printing locations (each location has different utilizations, I.e. location 1 is used significantly more than location 3) and different printer types around campus. In order to maximize the lifespan of the printer(so they save cost long term so they don’t have to replace it), they want to know how many printers should be placed at each location to maximize efficiency.


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